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But… Where is God?

Are we on our own here?

There are times when it seems as if God isn’t paying any attention. There is so much suffering, abuse and violence taking place on this planet, so where is God? I have wondered about that very same thing as I look back at our human history on this planet.

There are many examples of such seemingly unattended events where there wasn’t a God to clean it all up. For example, Hitler created a war machine, and brought death to millions of people. That conflict happened over a span of time that included years of war. Not once did any glowing deities from the heavens descend onto the battlefields to silence the guns. No legions of angels showed up to set things straight. I mean, what the Hell? If God is so powerful, what the hell?

It obviously doesn’t work that way. There won’t be a time where some godly deity shows up to kick some ass. For we are here to master the HUMAN experience. All resolutions to our current condition will come though our own human nature. We, as humans, have to choose and act on the solutions ourselves. We are here to master the art of being human. How would humans resolve this current paradigm? So, does that mean that God is out of the picture? Nope.

I like the example of the slaves of Egypt. The slaves of Egypt had been held in slavery under a heartless Pharaoh. And the slaves prayed. Help! Well, God didn’t reach into Pharaoh’s brain and flip a switch. God did not force the Pharaoh to do anything. That would have violated the “free will” clause. We are obviously given free will to do as we choose. And thus, through the ego of man … war, slavery and suffering were often chosen. But through the prayers of the slaves along came Moses. And as the story goes, Moses surrendered his will, and asked for the guidance of God. God, what the hell would you have me do? And the rest is history.

For myself, I have asked to be a greater vessel of compassion for the heart of humanity. This is where I surrender my ego’s grip on what my life is, and ask to become a greater point of influence for the human condition. This is where God can show up, when we ask, as a human in this storyline, how WE can embody a greater positive effect on our human condition. Every time I offer my intention to assist humanity in a greater way, big ideas come into my head. Write books. Start a radio show. Have compassion and forgiveness for myself, and all the many faces of humanity.

God can only show up through us humans. Humans like you and me. Every problem we see is asking us to grow ourselves, asking us to master our human condition. God can definitely help us through our struggles. But God needs willing humans to be the vehicles of change.

Although I use the term “God” in this dialogue, I would be more accurate to say God/Goddess. The first moment of duality was with the masculine/feminine polarity. So God/Goddess is the closest term to the point of creation. But even more accurate would be Source or (the) One, as the source creation transcends any language. There is no word, or words, that can encompass the source of all creation. The word “God” has become so mangled over time. So many wars were fought in the name of “God.”

If you want to live a life that transcends your own mind’s idea of what is possible, offer yourself to be a vehicle of change for humanity. If you sincerely ask that you become a greater vessel of love, compassion and healing for humanity, you will receive inspirations that will be the answers to your prayers. And your heart will be overflowing with gratitude.

To Heaven on Earth.

Love and Light,


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