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Big Love

When you look at just how far humanity has gone into the darkness, it can make you wonder if “God” really loves us. Just how many millions of prayers have been asked for the end of suffering? When the idea of war is allowed to play out over years, and yet there is no “Divine” intervention. No angels to silence the guns. No Deities to quell the minds of the evil ones. So what gives? Does prayer even work at all?

Let’s consider the story of Moses and the Pharaoh of Egypt. The Pharaoh was a ruler of Egypt who had kept many slaves to work for him. The slaves had been in captivity for generations. When the Pharaoh of Egypt had refused to free the slaves, God did not fiddle with the mind of the Pharaoh.  God didn’t just “correct” the thinking in the mind of the ruler. That would have violated the principle of “Free Will”. Yet those slaves prayed to God for freedom. How is it that if God doesn’t choose to intervene directly, then what good does the praying do?

There is a fundamental way that prayers are answered. Never is the request fulfilled from a place of Divine Power. Our “problems” are never erased for us. No bolt of lightning to destroy the destroyers. No direct intervention from the Powers on High.

When you consider the holographic nature of consciousness, the nature of prayer becomes much more interesting. The idea that all of humanity is connected starts to draw a picture. If we are all a point of presence of the one mind, then we are all connected through our own consciousness. Consciousness is the fabric of life itself. If there is no consciousness present, there is no life. Life (Love) is the fabric of the universe. And in this One consciousness, the prayers of others is part of our own consciousness.

We are here to master the art of being human. And as such, it is through our Human nature that all problems will be resolved. When the slaves prayed for freedom, there had to be a human element to the answer. When Moses had surrendered his will to the will of God, then a viable human being became the vehicle to the solution. Indeed something very powerful happens when we surrender our own personal will to the Divine idea of who and what we can each be individually.

Love is the source of the One truth. We created darkness when we separated ourselves from the Divine Love within us. Since it was the departure from Love that created the darkness in the first place, it will be Love that provides the path back to re-integration to this infinite Love. The field of Love can create the answers to our prayers. The creative process starts in the feminine side of our essence. When a human consciousness asks for an answer to a problem or condition,  the answer comes in from the field of infinite potential. Which is our feminine side. It is there that our Inspiration is first received. To be able to capture this inspiration, and bring it into manifestation, is the timeless act of all of creation. Taking the inspiration and bringing it into effect, is the masculine side of creation. The purity of our own personal energy persona decides just what level of inspiration we can perceive and embody. The teachings of New Human Living is all about this purity. Pure Authentic You. When your own energy is pure, you can capture the entire range of inspiration. Thus, what was never known to have existed before can be created by you. You can be the human consciousness that is able to embody the answer to the prayer. When we embody inspiration that is uncommon, a miracle is created.

We are living in a time of great transformation of our human condition. There is much struggle and suffering to be resolved. It will all happen through our own human form. All resolution will happen through the human component.

In the process of our spiritual growth, we yearn to discover our own personal truth. Who am I? What can I do to better understand my own truth? As we seek to embrace our deeper truth, we come to the understanding that we are all connected. As we forgive ourselves and surrender all the places where we have become separated from the Love within us, we find the power of compassion. It is this place of compassion that we connect with the desires of Humanity. From the place of compassion, we become the human portal to the answers to the prayers of others. Some of my biggest awakenings came after I intended to be a bigger vessel of Divine Love for humanity. It seemed like a big event followed, that cracked me open wider and wider. And now my passion is to help humanity discover the ocean of Love within its own Heart. It is the discovery of this Love, that will be the end of suffering. It will be the re-discovery of this Love that will end all wars.

Who are You to be the portal of Divine Love for Humanity? How big can you Love? How compassionate can you be for Humanity? It is from this place of compassion, that your own personal inspiration will expand beyond what was ever imagined for your life. Where the vision of your life expands beyond the grandest dreams of your ego. A sacred place within you now. A Human BEing fulfilling the prayers of others. Nothing feels better. It is a place of service that transcends our Human experience. Heaven on Earth. Through you, as you. Once you have tasted this space, Your Heart and Soul are fulfilled like never before.

Your relationship with Love is your relationship with humanity. Go BIG!

Love and Light


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