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Awakening the Feminine

Awakening the Feminine

The restoration of our Feminine attributes has center stage in this next chapter of Humanity. Nothing else will touch Humanity so deeply. It holds the key to restoring Heaven on Earth. By embodying our feminine attributes, humanity will reclaim its ability to affect its own power.

We have spent thousands of years heavily skewed towards the masculine. An overdose of the masculine attributes. We have had our attention on the physical realm, and have been mired in the momentum of the past. The masculine attributes puts its attention on form. On Time and Space. On what is. On the matter of form. Where the physical aspects of life are the center of our attention. And when we hold our attention on the physical, we create a mental framework on the patterns of the past. The ego finds comfort in patterns. For the outcome of a pattern is always known.

The ego wants to know what will be happening. It finds a false sense of “safety” in understanding the patterns of the past. Our egos will choose more of the same over and over again. It does this as a survival tactic. For the unknown is too risky of a bet. It fears what might happen if the unresolved emotions in our subconscious are released. Emotions are a threat to our ego. Both men and women posture with this. It is a core aspect of our ability, or inability, to be in power-full relationships. When our own unresolved emotions are stirred, the outcome becomes uncertain. The reason those emotions are in our subconsciousness is because they were too much to embody in some moment of the past. They already have made us feel overwhelmed. And when we gather more and more emotional energy in our subconsciousness, the fear of it becoming released, is just too much to risk. For the outcome is unknown. And the ego will not choose something that might seemingly be its demise.

Enter the Feminine. The Feminine is about the infinite possibilities of our human consciousness. The infinite directions life can take. The infinite holds the unknown. It holds so many outcomes that are unknown. Awakening the Feminine opens up possibilities. It operates in the undefined aspects of ourselves. This can be very intimidating to the ego. Both men and women have become masters at posturing with this infinite force. We establish many different ways to keep our relationships “safe”. A kind of control of what will happen. We develop methods at keeping each other in check. When our tactics no longer work, we often flee the relationship, looking for a place of comfort and safety. We want our ability to control the situation ensured. It truly is a powerful place to be able to embody the new. Powerful people can allow the unknown to be embraced. They can master that by learning the truth of who they really are. To understand your own Soul, and its eternal nature, is to be able to land the seed of the new inspiration from the feminine, and manifest it with the masculine.

The Feminine holds all possibilities in it where the masculine focuses on what already is. There is a masculine element to empower the feminine. For neither the masculine nor the feminine can be totally powerful by itself. It is only though balance that the optimum power can take effect. For the feminine to bring its effect, with any kind of measure, takes wise Souls. People who are anchored in their truth. Who can embody their truth no matter what images are present to the ego. Even when their voice cracks. Or their knees quiver. LOL. To trust a new paradigm is to be brave. To stay present when all the past patterns become mundane. To allow the total upheaval of what was, and to allow the totally new paradigm to come into manifestation, is to perform a miracle to the old paradigm’s perspective.

Does your Heart yearn to bring a more full expression of Love to humanity? Does your Soul seek to empower the truth of our human nature? Wanting a powerful experience through our own human nature? Learn to embody your Feminine. Learn to trust the new vision of what is possible for our human nature. Flex your ego’s ability to trust your Heart. Learn to be brave and bold with your inspiration. Indeed, the Feminine brings to us such a power-full arena of possibilities for us all. Are you ready to be a Power Player?

Love and Light,


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