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If God had created the universe with a desire for a specific outcome, She would have created that outcome in the first moment. You are here for Your preferences. This is Your life as a Human BEing. There are no other preferences in the universe that have more importance than Yours. All requests have a merit of one. The universe responds equally to all requests. We each have complete dominion over our own experiences. The Universe is the canvas on which all Souls create. As a hologram of Consciousness, there is no point of presence that has more importance. You create from your own desires and intentions. The mechanics of creation are so elegant and graceful. Even the shadows of our potential follow this grace.

Watch all the movies there are to get an idea of the infinite possibilities of your Play. And then take your seat as the Director of your part in this Human dynamic. If you look around, so many people are choosing more of the fear storm of the past. Yet here You are. You can be the portal of the Light. You can be the vessel of Divine Love. To open up the vision of YOUR life, is to grant YOUR Soul untethered domain over the script of YOUR life. How Bold dare you dream? How Brave are you to fulfill Your Soul’s vision? This is the most epic Journey of Souls. And here YOU are, in the midst of it. What shall it be?

When you can take a step back, and observe the present paradigms playing out in our Human story from the Soul level, it affords a new perspective of choices. To place our choices on the scale of what is possible, is to gain a perspective of these future outcomes. What would the seeds of Heaven look like at THIS point in the story? What actions would be the building blocks for Heaven on Earth? What is YOUR preference for the way it would all play out? You have Carte Blanche now and always. For YOU are the thing itself. You have personal sovereignty now and always. Permission is never granted at some particular pint in the journey. Because it is always given. You have permission now. And now. Forever. So what shall it be?

Joy is the wake of the Enlightened Human BEing. The entitled persona. Everyone is contributing to this storyline. Dare you be the one who breaks the story wide open? By following Your bliss? Can you be the next one to live in Delight? Gratitude? Opulence? Joy? Peace and Love? Trust in Your Soul’s position. Trust in Your providence. It is ALL here for you to share this moment in time.There are no boundaries. There are no mistakes. The Karmic Laws fulfill perfectly every time.

So what shall it Be, Creator Incarnate?

Love and Light,


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