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Are You Experienced?

We are here for the human experience.

We are here for the human experience. All resolutions to the struggles of our karmic lessons will be by our human choices and actions. As a Soul, you are infinite potential personified. But that is just a concept unless you can use it for effect. How is it that we are each the creator incarnate, and yet we live in a world that has such struggle and suffering?

You can think about the shadow side of our human culture, those elements within our collective consciousness that are perpetuating the difficulties, as a storm of sorts, a remnant of our past, showing up in the present. It can be quite common for an individual soul to guide its “human being” out of the storm. And once sufficiently healed, that Soul will turn that human’s life path around and go right back into the storm. You can see signs of it everywhere. Millions of people have written books about their own struggles. Some people have started centers and programs designed to help others grow out of their own suffering, and those numbers are growing.

You have experienced your own life path. And embedded within your own story is your own set of lessons and triumphs. Perhaps you feel like you have made it out. Or perhaps there are still some major hurdles to overcome. You can become aware of the infinite soul that is behind who you are right now, a point of consciousness behind your every thought and action.The truth of you has no end. The truth of you cannot die. Sure, at the time of death you have a physical body that can no longer sustain life. But it is the connection to life in this human form that is severed. Your soul continues on. The consciousness behind who you are is untouchable. Invincible. You have been here before.

We can have such a profound entry point into life itself. For may of us, our early years set some scars on us that have lasted a lifetime. But based on the law of attraction, we could not have had such a difficult childhood unless we had some pre-existing imprints on our karmic energy persona. The lifetimes before this one have brought us to this point in our soul’s journey. We have collectively chosen to come into this particular lifetime to begin an ascension out of the shadows and darkness of our human potential. You have experienced a journey of your soul that has brought you to this level of karmic lessons, as well as to this level of awakening.

You ARE experienced. You are here in these times with your lessons now, poised for your own grand awakening. When you can take a step back and observe your life from your soul’s perspective, there is an inner light that is there to guide you. It knows all about you. It knows all about your journey up to this moment. And it has such a gift for you, if you choose to follow it. It is the story of soul-level living. When you can connect with that inner knowing and trust its vision, you are on your way to living a most incredible life. When you get enough experience following and trusting your soul, there is a peace that comes over you. And a sense of knowing where you path can lead. The journey starts in the ego, and ends up in the heart. Untether your soul. Give it carte blanche. And hold on, for the expansion of your life will be in the arena of unconditional Love. Love for yourself, and soon thereafter, love of life itself in all of its forms.

To the return of Heaven on Earth.

Love and Light,


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